skinCluster & "The weight total would have exceeded 1.0" warning

When programmatically setting weights on Maya’s skinCluster, you might encounter a warning: # Warning: Some weights could not be set to the specified value. The weight total would have exceeded 1.0. # So, clearly a bug in your code, right? This is what I was assuming, until the obvious hit me: “ok, let’s find out the actual thresholds first”. Behold, a test harness: from maya import cmds def test(testValue, expectationOk): cmds. [Read More]

Maya compiler versions

Working on plugin, one complication I face almost constantly is properly compiling C++ plugin for multiple Maya and operating system combinations. While I often hear from other plugin developers that it does not matter much and using latest compiler works, that’s not the usual case for me. Some examples: File saving/loading on Windows will crash because of MPxData API. Solution: stick to recommended compiler version for each specific Maya release. [Read More]

ngSkinTools build setup rework

For a very long time ngSkinTools was being built with a setup that “just happened”. Apache Ant building C++ binaries, python scripts calling python on another venv.

It’s been the part that I’ve been most afraid to refactor.

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