Maya compiler versions

Working on plugin, one complication I face almost constantly is properly compiling C++ plugin for multiple Maya and operating system combinations. While I often hear from other plugin developers that it does not matter much and using latest compiler works, that’s not the usual case for me.

Some examples:

  • File saving/loading on Windows will crash because of MPxData API. Solution: stick to recommended compiler version for each specific Maya release.

  • Compiling Linux binaries on something like Ubuntu with newer CLib will not load the plugin for users that stick to Autodesk’s recommended CentOS version. Solution: build on CentOS 6.5 VM.

The only way that precise compiler and library versions are reported by Autodesk is through Cyrille Fauvel’s blog: see the post for Maya 2018.

Also, I was really missing an overview of C++11 and C++14 support.

With the above in mind, I came up with this spreadsheet. Mostly just a summary of Cyrille’s published info, and some analysis on C++ features as reported by each specific compiler.

Open in google spreadsheets for easier viewing